Author: dave fauth

Neo4j – Kafka – MySQL: Configuration – Part 2

In Part 1, we configured Neo4j, Kafka and MySQL to talk using the Neo4j Kafka plugin and Maxwell’s Daemon. In part 2, I will show how data can be added into MySQL and then added/modified/deleted in Neo4j through the Kafka connector. For our dataset, I chose the Musicbrainz dataset. This dataset has several tables and […]

Neo4j – Kafka – MySQL: Configuration – Part 1

With the new Neo4j Kafka streams now available, there has been a few articles such as A New Neo4j Integration with Apache Kafka and How to leverage Neo4j Streams and build a just-in-time data warehouse and Processing Neo4j Transaction Events with KSQL and Kafka Streams and finally How to embrace event-driven graph analytics using Neo4j and Apache […]

Neo4j – Finding a doctor on the way to find coffee

I love coffee. I love finding new coffee shops and trying out great coffee roasters. Some of my favorites are Great Lakes Coffee, Stumptown Roasters in NYC’s Ace Hotel, Red Rooster (my choice for home delivery) and my go-to local coffee shop, The Grounds. The Grounds is owned by friends and you have to love […]

Neo4j – Uber H3 – Geospatial

We are going to take a slight detour with regards to the healthcare blog series and talk about Uber H3. H3 is a hexagonal hierarchical geospatial indexing system. It comes with an API for indexing coordinates into a global grid. The grid is fully global and you can choose your resolution. The advantages and disadvantages […]

Neo4j – Leveraging a graph for healthcare search

Graph-based search is intelligent: You can ask much more precise and useful questions and get back the most relevant and meaningful information, whereas traditional keyword-based search delivers results that are more random, diluted and low-quality. With graph-based search, you can easily query all of your connected data in real time, then focus on the answers […]

Modeling events in Neo4j to look for patterns

Recently, some of the prospects that I work with have wanted to understand event data and felt like a graph database would be the best approach. Being new to graphs, they aren’t always sure of the best modeling approach. There are some resources available that talk about modeling events. For example, Neo4j’s own Mark Needham […]

Using Amazon CloudWatch to monitor Neo4j Logs

This post describes how to set up Amazon CloudWatch. Amazon CloudWatch Logs allows you to monitor, store, and access your Neo4j log files from Amazon EC2 instances, AWS CloudTrail, or other sources. You can then retrieve the associated log data from CloudWatch Logs using the Amazon CloudWatch console, the CloudWatch Logs commands in the AWS […]