Datameer 2.0

Datameer has announced version 2.0 putting business intelligence into the hands of the average user. Datameer provides a single application that requires no ETL, no static schemas, and puts powerful analytics and data visualizations directly in the hands of any user.

After watching CEO Stefan Groschupf announce the release of Datameer 2.0 at the 2012 Hadoop Summit, I’m excited to get my hands on the personal version to put it through its paces. Datameer personal runs on a single desktop with a data limit of 100GB/yr. Datameer Workgroup runs on a single server with a data limit of 100GB/yr. Datameer Enterprise can scale to thousands of nodes with unlimited data.

Some of the key technologies utilized in version 2.0 are Hadoop, HTML 5, a REST API and an SDK. There are over 25 built-in data connectors (JSON, Amazon S3, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL , HBase, XML, native connectors to Twitter and Facebook) with the ability to build additional data connectors through the SDK. As part of the analytical suite, there are over 200 built-in functions including data mining functions. During the announcement, it was mentioned that there was built-in entity and location extraction which are features that I want to investigate further.

Datameer 2.0 provides a Business Infographics Designer allowing a user complete graphics and visualization control. Datameer’s extensive library of widgets includes tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and tag clouds which enables users to create simple dashboards or stunning business infographics and visualizations. For someone graphically challenged, this should provide an easy-to-use ability to create meaningful representations of the data.

To gain access to Datameer 2.0, apply here. Datameer is slowly rolling out access to the 2.0 product.

About Datameer
Datameer offers the first data analytics solution that helps end users access, analyze and visualize data of any type, size, or source. Founded by Hadoop veterans in 2009, Datameer provides unparalleled access to data with minimal IT resources. Datameer scales from a laptop to thousands of nodes and is available for all major Hadoop distributions including Apache, Cloudera, EMC, Hortonworks, IBM, MapR, Yahoo!, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Datameer is based in San Mateo, Calif. For more information on Datameer, please visit and follow them on Twitter @Datameer.

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