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i2 ANB allows users to export chart information about entities, links, attributes and cards to a report. This is useful if you want to create a report containing the information in all or part of your chart. This report is created as a text file which can then be used in other applications.

i2 ANB allows users to define the items you want to include in your report using a report specification. A report specification is a series of settings which tell ANB what kind of report to create and what you want to include in it. Report specifications enable you to define the items, content and destination of our report.

For our useage, we’ve modified a default report template. For i2 ANB entities, we want access to the entity type, identity, label, description, date and the attributes. For the attributes, we are printing out the attribute name and attribute value. We use tabs between the attribute name and value. We also use ]] as a delimiter between attribute name and value.

For links, we print out the link type, label, link 1 and link 2 as well as the Ends. We’ve added link1 and link2 values as it isn’t always possible to parse the Ends value properly.

The report configuration are shown in the following 2 screen shots.

i2 Report Setup
i2 Report Setup

i2 Report Screen Capture 2

As shown in below, the Palantir import helper allows a user to select the report file and then import the file. A summary of the number of entities and links processed are presented to the user. The entities and links are added to the chart. Users can customize the mappings between i2 entity types and palantir entity types by modifying an XML file that is part of the Palantir helpers.

Here’s the final import into a Palantir graph.

Palantir Graph
Palantir Graph

Questions about the Palantir helper can be sent to dsfauth_at_gmail.com

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