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Neo4j – New Neo4j-import

Neo4j has recently announced the 2.2 Milestone 2 release. Among the exciting features is the improved and fully integrated “Superfast Batch Loader”. This utility (unsurprisingly) called neo4j-import, now supports large scale non-transactional initial loads (of 10M to 10B+ elements) with sustained throughputs around 1M records (node or relationship or property) per second. Neo4j-import is available […]

Reading and Writing Parquet files with Mortar

Using Mortar to read/write Parquet files You can load Parquet formatted files into Mortar, or tell Mortar to output data in Parquet format using the Hadoop connectors that can be built from here or downloaded from here. Last year, Cloudera, in collaboration with Twitter and others, released a new Apache Hadoop-friendly, binary, columnar file format […]

Medicare Payment Data set for release

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services made a huge announcement on Wednesday. By mid-next week (April 9th), they will be releasing a massive database on the payments made to 880,000 health care professionals serving seniors and the disabled in the Medicare program, officials said this afternoon. The data will cover doctors and other practitioners […]

Extracting Insights from FBO.Gov data – Part 2

Earlier this year, Sunlight foundation filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act. The lawsuit requested solication and award notices from In November, Sunlight received over a decade’s worth of information and posted the information on-line for public downloading. I want to say a big thanks to Ginger McCall and Kaitlin Devine for […]

Hadoop to Neo4J

Leading up to Graphconnect NY, I was distracting myself from working on my talk by determining if there was any way to import data directly from Hadoop into a graph database, specifically, Neo4j. Previously, I had written some Pig jobs to output the data into various files and then used the Neo4J batchinserter to load […]

Creating an Elasticsearch index of Congress Bills using Pig

Recently Mortar worked with Pig and CPython to have it committed into the Apache Pig trunk. This now allows to take advantage of Hadoop with real Python. Users get to focus just on the logic you need, and streaming Python takes care of all the plumbing. Shortly thereafter, Elasticsearch announced integration with Hadoop. “Using Elasticsearch […]