Author: dave fauth

DocGraph Analysis using Hadoop and D3.JS

Visualizing the DocGraph for Wyoming Medicare Providers I have been participating in the DocGraph MedStartr project. After hearing about the project at GraphConnect 2012, I wanted to use this data to investigate additional capabilities of Hadoop and BigData processing. You can read some excellent work already being done on this data here courtesy of Janos. […]

GraphConnect – Graphies

GraphConnect was held two weeks ago (Nov 5-6) in San Francisco. GraphConnect was put together by Neo4J as an initial conference on graph databases. Part of the conference was a contest on building innovative graphs. The “Graphies” recognized and celebrated individuals and teams that were developing innovative and impressive graph database applications. Additionally, there was […]

Graphing Congressional Sponsorship of Bills – Part 2

Update This is a follow-up to the previous post. Note:The data and java code is available at Github. The Data I decided to use six years of data (Congress sessions 107-112). Since there is significant turnover in Congress (re-election, sex scandals, resignation, and death among other reasons), I had to expand the number of congressional […]

Graphing Congressional Sponsorship of Bills

Introduction: In preparation for my talk at GraphConnect, I’ve added onto the talk by graphing out congressional sponsorship of bills using Neo4J. This post will specifically talk about data acquisition, data preparation, data loading into Neo4J and simple cypher queries against the data. Follow-on posts will look at processing this same data in Hadoop, processing this […]

Analysis of Cash Pouring into State Campaigns

In today’s Star Tribune, there was an article discussing the amount of cash that is flowing from outside of the state of Minnesota into various candidate’s campaign war chests. The authors used FEC individual campaign contribution data to perform the analysis described in the article. Using a similar approach outlined earlier, I decided to see how […]

Graph Connect 2012

Inaugural Graph Database Conference The NOSQL movement has taken the world by storm, bringing a new coherency and meaning to connected data, and giving developers and technical leads the power to manage modern data at a new speed and size. GraphConnect 2012 is the first conference to focus on graph databases and the applications making […]

Datameer 2.0 – Analysis of Campaign Contributions

In the previous post, we looked at using Datameer 2.0 to analyze some Federal Election Commission data. In this post, I will show some of the analysis performed on the data specifically using the table join, filter, sort, a couple of functions and then a couple of infographics. Problem Statement The problem statement for this […]